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Thinking of a new job?

July 27, 2010

Just one little and last post about the switching carrer issues, before I actually start the MBA program.

If you don’t like your job, you have basically 2 options:

  • Doing nothing and waiting;
  • Taking actions in order to assess your skills, your capabilities, your values, your professional goals and find your new path and hopefully your fullfillment.

For my friends that match the 2nd point in France, I heard about this non profit organisation called AVARAP wich offers meetings and coaching in order to” help people in their professional mutations”. I did not contact them personally, but I met a person that did, and she was pretty satisfied. Actually, she just opened her travel agency in Paris thanks to this organisation that helped her in the process of switching to the tourism sector.

Contacting people that may work in your desired fields is a good start as well. Just sending random messages on Linkedin doesn’t work. Some “rules” have to be respected (thank you Malika Ghilani for these tips !):

  • Use a very accessible style with short  and clear sentences. A 5 years old kid should be able to read it.
  • Start by ”praising” the recipient. “You are an expert in this field, that’s why I’m writing to you..”, “I read your post on this issue and..”, ” You have a valuable experience in this company so…”
  • Be sensitive to the recipient’s culture: French people are more likely to answer if you state a common friend or acquaintance.
  • Suggest a short meeting if possible (no more than 15 minutes).
  • Always bring the recipient to express his opinion and to commit to the conversation (” What do you think of this position?”…)

Hope this can help icon_smile.gif

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