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Bacause we had no choice

April 16, 2010

I have sometimes this guilty pleasure of sitting in font of the TV and watching for more than one hour Mohamed Hassanein Heikal chatting about the political events of the seventies, telling hundreds of anecdotes and discussions he had with the past leaders. Here is one that particularly caught my attention

I was in London 2 months ago, and I saw a monument under construction on my way. I asked Robin, my driver, “what’s that?” and he answered “this is a monument for the animals that took part in the wars since they had an actual impact on the British victories”. The following day we were on the way, there was a big traffic jam, and Robin told me  that I can now stop by and look at the monument closely, which I did. There was this sentence saying that the monument was in the honor of the animals that took part in the wars because “they had no choice”. I then thought to myself that in the Arab world things are completely reversed, that such monuments should be done for the human beings because we had never the choice.

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  1. Karim permalink
    April 22, 2010 3:21 pm

    Haykel fait l’intrellectuel integre mais cétait le propagandiste et le ministre d’information de Nasser, pas de quoi être très fier

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